Genesis Noir
Feral Cat Den

“There’s a musical sequence in Genesis Noir which rivals the best in recent video game memory.”

Genesis Noir is a critically acclaimed video game for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One set before, during, and after The Big Bang. To save your love, you must stop the expansion of the universe.

An adventure game with an emphasis on exploration, simple interactions, and generative art, Genesis Noir is around six hours of gameplay.

Its beautiful jazz score [is] entrancing”
~Washington Post

To bring our compositions to life, we recorded a jazz quintet, a choir, a shakuhachi flute and a 30-piece string orchestra, producing several hours of reactive, interactive, generative and incidental music assets as well as creating immersive sound design, recording foley and casting voice actors. Everything you hear in the game…

We collaborated with the dev team to design and implement the music systems in the game, using FMOD middleware and Unreal Engine.

The soundtrack ‘Big Bang: Music from the Universe of Genesis Noir’ will soon be available on luxury double vinyl from Iam8bit.

“The soundtrack is fantastic”

Feral Cat Den
Genesis Noir

Full Credits:
Music: Tom Carrell & Vincent Oliver at Skillbard
Sound: Vincent Oliver, Tom Carrell & Jo Riley at Skillbard
Drums & Percussion: Saleem Raman
Tenor Sax: Josh Arcoleo
Trumpet: Freddie Gavita
Double Bass: Chris Hyson
Shakuhachi: Clive Bell
Solo vocals: Kitty Whitelaw
Additional Vocalisations: Sarah Johns
Piano: Angus Bayley
Deep Throat Choir: Natalie Pela, Sarah Parkes, Nouria Bah, Fran Lobo
Voice actors: Elton E Jones, Nadia Marshall, Noa Kurzweil, Oki Mikito
Drum Recording: Kristian & Jordan at Total Refreshment Centre
String Arrangements: Finn McNicholas
Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra
Orchestra Session contractor/session producer: Miklos Lukacs
Conductor: Peter Pejtsik
Budapest Recording studio: East Connection Music Recording
Orchestra ProTools engineer: David Lukacs