Memorable bespoke music & sound design
for animation, ads, games... you name it

Memorable bespoke music & sound design
for animation, ads, games... you name it


Just some nice things people have said about lil’ ol’ us over the years. Aww, thanks guys! 😘

“Hats off to everyone involved, especially sound designers Skillbard”

—Jeff Hamada, Booooooom

“When I heard the first sketch that Skillbard put together, I was completely blown away. The process of building and refining the music was a total joy, every new version Skillbard sent was a total revelation, finding beats in the edit that I had never imagined. It elevated the film so much and they were really fun to work with… the most immediately satisfying part of the whole filmmaking process for me. They pulled off an incredible amount of work in an extremely limited time”

—Sean Buckelew

“I’ve worked with Skillbard on a couple of projects now, both with fantastic results. They’re skilled, professional, sensitive and versatile. They’re also a great communicators and collaborators, which elevate the experience from simply functional to truly enjoyable.”

—Keiichi Matsuda

“…How ’bout a round of applause for the work by Skillbard. Hands down our favourite of the month!”


“If you’ve got yourself a project that you’re pretty sure needs some kind of soundtrack, there are probably thousands of eager and willing composers and GarageBand boffins out there who would be perfectly capable of sorting you out. If, on the other hand, you have a project that needs to be utterly transformed by the deft use of the most surprising and mindbogglingly expressive soundscaping your ears have had the good fortune to encounter, then there’s really only one studio you need to pester, and that’s Skillbard. If they can’t help you we offer our sincerest condolences”

—Jon, Non-Format

“I could tell you about the time Skillbard composed Zen-like mobile phone alarms to wake up the Japanese – or how they, as a stroke of genius, introduced two different singers to create one unique operatic voice for a series of title sequences – or I could enthuse about the way they blew the minds of the audience (and our client) with an extraordinary live performance at the Visuelt Award show in Oslo – but I’ll keep it simple: Skillbard are very, very talented and a thoroughly nice chaps indeed”

—Kjell, Non-Format

“I had the chance to work with really talented guys that made me rediscover [my] films. It was surprising to hear the take from the musicians, voice actors and sound designers on those films. They brought a lot to them. Many thanks to those guys”

—Jonathan Djob Nkondo

“At Anorak, we believe that Skillbard have a sixth sense. Our brief was “make fun music for our first TV episode” and they came back with amazing tracks that completely exceeded our expectations and bathed our content in happy vibes. They saw past our vague brief and created a musical landscape for Anorak that we didn’t know could exist. If that’s not having a sixth sense, then we don’t know what is. Employ them now.”

—Cathy Olmedillas, Anorak Magazine